YA Fantasy
Threatened by assassination on the eve of her coronation, a sixteen-year-old princess, painfully aware of her diminutive stature, seeks favor with the Goddess of War; but when she fails to win use of the Goddess’s indomitable weapon, she must embrace her own strengths to save her realm and her life. If only the invading prince weren’t so irresistible and she could shake the eerie sense that they knew each other, rather well, in a previous life.

Brave women in Indian history and mythology often come to nasty ends, as did a national heroine, a warrior queen, who defied the invading British. THE LOTUS PRINCESS AND THE DIVINE CHAKRA is a purely fantastical re-imagination of history to afford that brave queen the victory she deserved…along with a romance capable of surviving reincarnation!


  • “Tamarind Rice” Highlights for Children
  • ”No Pets, Please” Los Angeles Times Kid’s Corner
  • ”Blue Space Pajamas” Los Angeles Times Kid’s Corner
  • Articles including interviews with Arthur A Levine, Leonard Marcus, and Michael Stearns

Awards +

  • YA Winner — Manuscript Contest, SCBWI LA, Writers Day, March 2024
  • YA Winner — Manuscript Contest, SCBWI-SoCal Fall Harvest Writers Day, October 2023
  • Scholarship to attend the Rocky Mountain annual SCBWI Letters and Lines Conference
  • SCBWI Sue Alexander Award for Most Promising Manuscript Runner-up
  • SCBWI Work in Progress Grant underwritten by Amazon
  • SCBWI-LA Sue Alexander Service and Encouragement Award (SASE) for serving as Managing Editor of Kite Tales, Newsletter for the tri-regions of southern California

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