“What are you writing?” asked a well- meaning friend, feigning interest.
”A middle grade novel,” I replied.
”Oh!” she replied. ”Don’t be so hard on yourself. I’m sure your writing is far better than you give yourself credit for.”
When I explained I was writing for children, I received a long, pitying sigh. ”Don’t worry,” she said, as she admired her manicured nails. ”I’m sure if you practice long enough, you’ll be writing for adults in no time!”

I have practiced many things in my life—being a part-time elf, an underage piano teacher, an amateur actor and dancer, a radio presenter, an artist, an apartment-cleaner, an associate instructor of economics and an assistant professor of finance, an adjunct professor of creative writing, an editor, to name some…but, by far, the most rewarding has been an author of fiction for young readers!

Someday, soon, I will have practiced writing long enough to sell a YA fantasy novel. Until then, here is an abbreviated list of my short stories, articles, and awards.

I am represented by Hilary Harwell at KT Literary.


  • “Tamarind Rice” Highlights for Children
  • ”No Pets, Please” Los Angeles Times Kid’s Corner
  • ”Blue Space Pajamas” Los Angeles Times Kid’s Corner
  • Articles including interviews with Arthur A Levine, Leonard Marcus, and Michael Stearns

Awards +

  • Scholarship to attend the Rocky Mountain annual SCBWI Letters and Lines Conference
  • SCBWI Sue Alexander Award for Most Promising Manuscript Runner-up
  • SCBWI Work in Progress Grant underwritten by Amazon
  • SCBWI-LA Sue Alexander Service and Encouragement Award (SASE) for serving as Managing Editor of Kite Tales, Newsletter for the tri-regions of southern California
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